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Grow Marion County Newsletter - February 3, 2011


February 3, 2011Issue #7

In this issue: Clues to Rural Community Survival - Florence Community Foundation- This Week in Congress - 8 Wonders Exhibit - Kansas Boat and Travel Show - Agritourism Workshop


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From Marion County Kansas Past and Present

by Van Meter

“The Western Journal of Commerce published in Kansas City, November 6, 1858, printed a list of the stops or stations along the Santa Fe Trail.  Those in Marion County were:
Lost Spring . . . 13 miles from Diamond Spring . . . had buffalo chips, water and grass.
Little Muddy Creak . . .  10 miles from Lost Spring  . .  buffalo chips, water and grass
Cottonwood (rive) . . .  7/1/2 miles from Little Muddy Creek . . . Mail station, entertainment, corn, hay, wood, water, grass, provisions.”

(What, No buffalo chips ?!?!)

20 Clues to Rural Community Survival

1.     Evidence of Community Pride

2.     Emphasis on Quality in Business and Community Life

3.     Willingness to Invest in the Future

4.    Participatory Approach to Community Decision-Making

5.     Cooperative Community Spirit

6.     Realistic Appraisal of Future Opportunities

7.     Awareness of Competitive Positioning

8.     Knowledge of the Physical Environment

9.     Active Economic Development Program

10.     Deliberate Transition of Power to a Younger Generation of Leaders

11.     Acceptance of Women in Leadership Roles

12.     Strong Belief in and Support of Education

13.     Problem-Solving Approach to Providing Health Care

14.     Strong Multi-Generational Family Orientation

15.     Strong Presence of Traditional Institutions that are Integral to Community of Life

16.     Sound and Well-Maintained Infrastructure

17.     Careful Use of Fiscal Resources

18.     Sophisticated Use of Information Resources

19.     Willingness to Seek Help from the Outside

20.     Conviction that, in the Long Run, You Have to Do It Yourself

“Clues to Community Survival:  Heartland Center for Leadership Development”

1.  Evidence of Community Pride:  Successful Communities are often showplaces of community care and attention, with neatly trimmed yards, public gardens, and well kept public parks.  But pride also shows up in other ways, especially in community festivals and events that give residents the chance to celebrate their community, its history and heritage.

Rural Leaders Retreat

rural_leaders_conferenceAnita Goertzen, Goessel City Clerk and Teresa Huffman recently attended the 19th annual Retreat for Rural Leaders at The Barn Bed-and-Breakfast Inn near Valley Falls.  The retreat was attended by 26 civic leaders statewide and was organized and facilitated by the Kansas Sampler Foundation.  The Retreat is designed to rejuvenate individual spirit, increase peer networking and discuss new ways to look at common rural issues.  One of the main topics this year was figuring out how to identify and match community needs with citizen’s skills to improve quality of life in a community.

A motorcoach field trip included stops in Bendena, Denton, Purcell, Bendena, Denton, Everest and Muscotah.

The purpose of the trip was to identify explorer tourism assets and appreciate local efforts in small towns.

Way to go Florence!


bendena_bankOn January 26, 2011, a group of community partners in Florence took a giant step towards the future sustainability of their community by starting and investing in the Florence Community Foundation.  Board members are Ed Robinson, Kathleen Ludwig, Sara Dawson, Phoebe Janzen (Secretary-Treasurer) Mike Pereillo, Holly Pereillo, Marianne Siebert, John Swarm (Chairman) and Sandra Fruit, Executive Director of the Central Kansas Community Foundation.

After the signing of the Affiliation Agreement, the members of the newly formed Florence Focus Group met and started working on their strategic plan and vision for the future of Florence Revitalization.  Kudos to Florence!

This Week in Congress

by Sen. Jerry Moran

January 31st. 2011

Nominating Father Emil Kapaun for Medal of Honor

moran_doleThis week, Senator Roberts and I introduced a bill to award Father Emil Kapaun the Medal of Honor for acts of valor in the Korean War. Father Kapaun was born in Pilsen, Kansas, in 1916 and served as a chaplain of the 8th Cavalry Regiment of the First Army Division during the Korean War in 1950. In November of that same year, he was taken as a prisoner of war and spent seven months in prison caring for his fellow soldiers before he passed away.

Father Kapaun's courageous actions in the battlefields of the Korean War saved countless lives when he ran under enemy fire to rescue wounded American soldiers. His selfless acts uplifted the spirits of American GIs when he gave away his food and clothing and cared for the sick who were suffering alongside him in prison camps. When all else looked hopeless, the Father rallied men around him to persevere in the midst of their suffering. This good man distinguished himself by going above and beyond the call of duty and risking his life for the sake of others. In doing so, he is more than deserving of this distinguished award.

The bill authorizes and requests the posthumous Medal of Honor. The Department of Defense must concur with the Senior Army Decorations Board's determination and convey approval to the Committees on Armed Services in the Senate and the House. It must then be approved by both chambers and signed into law. Click here to read more about this legislation.

8 Wonders Exhibit to Open

ABILENE -- The Eisenhower Presidential Library and the Inman-based Kansas Sampler Foundation will partner to display the 8 Wonders of Kansas in an exhibit designed to help celebrate the state's sesquicentennial.

The exhibit will open at the library on Kansas Day, Jan. 29, and close Sept. 5. A reception will be from 2 to 4 p.m. April 16.

Displays will feature the top 8 Wonders in the categories of architecture, art, commerce, cuisine, customs, geography, history and people, plus the overall 8 Wonders of Kansas. The additional 16 finalists in each contest will be recognized.

Some of the artifacts that will be shown include a spacesuit from the Kansas Cosmosphere, a full Buffalo Soldier uniform from Fort Leavenworth, a place setting from Brookville Hotel, shoes and a helmet worn by aviator Amelia Earhart, and a dice game from the original Long Branch Saloon at Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City.

There is no admission charge. The library, 200 S.E. Fourth, will be open from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. each day.


Kansas Boat and Travel Show

Come visit the Marion County booth (#214) at the Sports, Boat & Travel Show.  Lots of new give-away items.  Steve Hudson and Brian Thiessen will be available on several days to answer your questions about fishing at the Marion County Park and Lake.  Thursday, February 17th – Sunday, February 20th at the Kansas Coliseum Pavilion.


Agritourism: Your Next Cash Crop?

Call it what you want – agritourism, ecotourism, or nature-based tourism. Travelers from all over the United States and the world are coming to Kansas--and they are willing to pay handsomely for authentic rural experiences and the related dining, lodging, shopping and entertainment. Kansas visitors are looking for farm and ranch vacations featuring authentic experiences. They are looking for vineyards and wineries, bird watching at a country inn, hiking, biking and riding trails. They are looking for opportunities to hunt, fish, camp or just sit around a campfire and stargaze while someone tells stories of the history, culture and traditions of the area. Our tourists are seeking high quality art, music, foods, clothing and other products representative of Kansas.

To learn more about Agritourism and how it might work for you, a free informational meeting will be held in Marion on February 28, 2011 at Butler Community College of Marion, 412 N. 2nd, Marion at 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.   No registration necessary.

Farmers, ranchers and others interested in starting or expanding a business in which rural tourism would be an important source of income are encouraged to attend. Consisting of three parts, the first will be an illustrated presentation on the characteristics of the clientele, the kinds of experiences and products they want, and how to get started in your business. Second, a panel of Kansas Agritourism providers will describe their businesses and answer questions from the audience. Finally, an upcoming agritourism business development course will be explained.

The business development course called “Agritourism:  Your Next Cash Crop” will be offered at Butler of Marion, March 21, 24, 28, 31 and April 4.  The course is co-sponsored by the Marion County Economic Development, Flint Hills Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Council, TCTELCO and Butler of Marion. The weekly sessions will feature an easy-to-use workbook in which participants can take their business ideas “From Dreams to Reality.” Teresa Huffman, Marion County Economic Development, 620-382-8830.

Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance. Requests for such arrangements should be made to Teresa Huffman, Marion County Economic Development at 620-382-8830.

Want to get paid to play?  Want to share your rural heritage with others?  Did you know your farming and ranching activities are worth thousands of extra dollars?  Wondering how to cash in on your beautiful views, peaceful countryside, small community values, authentic art, and homemade products?


The instructors will be Jan Janzten, Director of Rural Tourism Development for the Flint Hills Resource Conservation &Development Council and former owner of Kansas Flint Hills Adventures, LLC and instructors from the Kansas Small Business Development Center.  The instructors along with guest presenters will help each participant complete workbook topics such as:

  • Defining Your Agritourism Business;
  • Financing Your Dreams;
  • Pricing Your Product or Service;
  • Finding, Reaching and Serving Your Customers;
  • Legal Forms of Business;
  • Risk Management and Insurance;
  • Legal Liability and Creating Your Agritourism Business Plan.

There is no better way to explore and develop your own business.


Happy Birthday Kansas


Kansas Trivia:  Kansas Territory opened for settlement by an act of Congress – May 20, 1854


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